Money & Equality: The Post-Pandemic Path Forward

Jun.10 — More women than men have left British banks during the pandemic, undermining the sector’s pledges to become more diverse. This Money and Equality special brings together senior women in the U.K. financial industry to discuss how it can move forward, and the risks and opportunities for both women and organizations.

Julia Hoggett, CEO of the London Stock Exchange, and Tiina Lee, CEO of Deutsche Bank for U.K. and Ireland spoke to Bloomberg’s Francine Lacqua as part of a New Voices London panel on creating an inclusive environment, retaining talent, and the future of work. Julia Hoggett and Tiina Lee also share their insights and personal experiences. Hoggett explains how role models have helped her career and what prompted her to come out at work. Lee believes the industry is good at hiring but needs to be better at nurturing female talent.

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